We produce with high technology CNC milling machines in big sizes. Our experience in processing is mostly large due to the projects we work in other sectors such as automotive, energy and other sectors. The processing capacity is up to 20 meters in our machine park.

Some machine brands and dimensions of our company;

  • MEMPHIS_6000-U Dimensions: X: 6000mm Y: 4000mm Z: 2000mm
  • MEMPHIS_HS-5000 Dimensions: X: 1500mm Y: 5000mm Z: 1200mm
  • MEMPHIS 8000-U Size: X: 8000mm Y: 5000mm Z: 2000mm
  • ZAYER_30KCU20000AR Size: X: 20000mm Y: 5000mm Z: 2000mm

Our company, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing Computer Controlled Production) programming process, using the TEBIS software, together with our expert CAM team.

Production can be divided into two-sided Machining and Welding. We have a welding workshop consisting of certified welders to work in our projects. Our welding workshop is 2500 m2 and can produce different kinds of welding according to customer need