Aviation Industry

We operate in the fields of design, precision mechanical manufacturing and assembly in the aviation industry.


Automotive Industry

We have been providing professional service to industry leaders for many years.

M.F.K. is still continuing its activities in Bursa Yenişehir and manufacturing and turnkey projects for Automotive and Energy sectors, mainly in Aerospace industries.

M.F.K. , following technological developments, in a systematic working environment, according to world norms, customer satisfaction is to give quality products.

We produce with high technology CNC milling machines in big sizes.

Our experience in processing is mostly large due to the projects we work in other sectors such as automotive, energy and other sectors. The processing capacity is up to 20 meters in our machine park.

Our company is certified by AS9100, ISO 9001 and working with ISO standard system. For the supportive quality system, we use the CANIAS ERP system in every area of our company.

Quality control and certification of products CMM machines, measuring arms and external measurement and installation using the laser tracker for the world-famous measurement systems are using. We use all measuring instruments with known and most preferred measurement software for reporting.